German Center Tenants

10% Exclusive Discount

German Center Tenants

Get an exclusive 10% Discount as a tenant in the German Center Singapore and get the Car delivered to anywhere in Singapore for Free.

Europcar and the German Center Singapore offer an exclusive 10% discount on all Rentals in Singapore.

Chose our convenient German Center Meet and Greet Location or get the car delivered anywhere in Singapore.

As a German Center Tenant you also enjoy:
- Free one way rentals
- Rental price inclusive of GST and Insurance

为何选择Europcar 租车?

  • 只提供新车
  • 无隐藏费用
  • 24小时道路救援
  • 机场24小时7天服务
  • 飞机延误? 我们将延长营业时间等待您


  • Terms and Conditions apply
10% Off